Our Values

The core values our church is built upon.

We Seek God’s Presence:

God’s presence is the essential and defining component of our services. Without it, we are nothing; within it, we find everything. His presence is what heals us, comforts us, guides us and breathes new life into us.

We Strive To Reach The Unreached:

We are committed to building bridges to the unchurched and making church a place that unchurched people enjoy attending. We want those who are far from God to know they are welcome. We will never allow our concern for the people we are trying to reach to become lesser because of the people we have reached.

We Uphold The Authority Of Scripture:

We believe God has spoken through the Scriptures. Therefore, the Bible is our ultimate authority.

We Seek To Foster Authentic Community:

We believe as we grow together spiritually life transformation happens in the context of intentional caring relationships. Relationally-connected believers form accountability, care, and a sense of belonging as they progress in their spiritual journey.

We Strive To Help Mature The Followers Of Christ:

We believe maturity, as a follower of Christ, is to live a Christ-centered life. That path is learning to replace self-centeredness with Christ-like self-sacrifice. Increasing love for Jesus is expressed through serving others, outreach, and personal evangelism. Our devotion for Christ grows as our will becomes surrendered to His.

We Celebrate Diversity:

We are committed to experiencing life as a diverse community. We celebrate all cultures, races, personalities, ages, and backgrounds because each reflects the beauty of our Maker in a unique way. Our differences individually complete us corporately.

We Strive For Excellence:

God is worthy of our best. Going beyond what is required and giving our best at all times in everything we do brings joy to God’s heart and glory to His name.

We Embrace Creativity:

God is the most creative being of all; therefore, as children of God, we embrace creativity in every aspect of our lives.

We Strive To Be Culturally Relevant:

Cultural awareness increases the opportunity to connect with people. When we bring God and the power of His Word into real-life situations people face on a daily basis, connections are made, and lives are changed.

We Empower Ministry To Happen:

We believe God has given gifts to everyone with the desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Ministry is serving others, and we believe everyone is a minister. Therefore, we seek to build ministry around peoples gifts so they can do what they were ultimately created to do.

We Conduct Outreach:

We live in a world desperately seeking truth and hope. We exist to share the Gospel and see lives changed in our city, our nation, and our world through practical ministry to people’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We Reach And Equip The Next Generation:

We are dedicated to reaching the next generation and equipping them to be mighty men and women of God whose lives transform their sphere of influence and make an eternal impact in the world.

We Lead The Way With Irrational Generosity:

We believe we were blessed to be a blessing and it is truly more blessed to give than receive.

We Seek To Enjoy Life:

We don’t believe the church is the place fun goes to die. We believe God provides for our enjoyment and His presence a place of joy. Nothing is more fun than serving God with people you love, so we seek to laugh and have fun in God’s family.

We Think And Believe Big:

We never want to insult God with small thinking and safe living. Bold, audacious faith is what honors God because what we believe is impossible without Him. To fulfill our mission, it requires God to move.