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Luz Cardona

I need prayer.

Please pray for a hedge of protection around my daughter Vida Harris who will be staying in the dorm this fall for college. Which is her first year living on dorm till they have to all move out in November. I am praying that God guides her in the right path and that our Father puts the right people in her path to make wise decisions and stay safe and healthy during the middle of this pandemic. Please pray that she has a good safe experience in college and may be a light to others during these challenge times. In Jesus name Amen.

Received: July 19, 2020

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.


Pray that I don’t have covid-19.

Received: July 14, 2020


i had a mental breakdown last year from severe depression and quit a job without back up, ive since gotten a new job and have stayed there almost a year now, but the credit card bills that i couldn't afford to pay are all now coming at me at once and i am about to get my wages garnished for a very old debt in addition to all these credit card companies put me in default and about to sue me for those. i cant even afford to get therapy and get help medically let alone do all this. luckily my student loan was deferred til september from covid, but that will be due soon and that alone is $200 i dont have (i never even was able to finish my degree due to financial and mental reasons). i'm so tired of depression ruining my life and i just want my life to get better and get out of this hole, literally and financially. please god help me.

Received: July 12, 2020

Licella Arboleda

Please pray for my healing and for my ability to forgive those who have intentionally hurt me.

Received: July 12, 2020


Please continue to pray for my son Matthew. He is getting better each day but needs to see his son and also a deep desire to stay on the right track. Pray that he has a desire to serve the Lord. Thank you.

Received: July 11, 2020

Shala LaTorraca

Last night my uncle was life flighted to ICU In Topeka, KS. He is in the critical care unit. He fell when the scaffolding he was on collapsed. He has a brain bleed, broken jaw, and 2 broken wrists. He is heavily sedated. My aunt wasn’t allowed in to see him last night; but we are hopeful she can see him today.

Received: July 11, 2020


I need prayer for my 20 yr old daughter Amber she has a beautiful 8 month old daughter that needs her she has chosen drugs and a man who is horrible to her over her daughter and her family. She is deceived and blinded by the devil.

I pray her eyes are opened her mind and heart be filled with God and she leaves this man and turns from drugs and becomes the mother and woman god wants her to be.

And please pray that God gives me the strength I need to stop enabling her and truly just put her in God's hands.

Received: July 10, 2020


I got married 6 months ago a month later I became pregnant. Pregnancy was going fine until I became 3 months pregnant. I have something called ICP in pregnancy its where bile from my liver leaks into my blood and makes my whole body itchy with no relief. I was started on meds helped alittle. I am now being told I have scarring of my liver which will turn to liver damage if not treated, but I cant be treated while pregnant. Im being enduced a month early I have put on med leave and bed rest until my induction in 12 weeks. Everytime I see a Dr. They tell me with what I have there is a chance of stillbirth. I automatically rebuke that and daily thank god for healing me and my son and speak life and prosperity over my baby. I am trying to stay strong and not be fearful. The itching is unbearable its been going on daily for 3 months.

I need prayers for my unborn baby boy and myself and for God to give me and my husband strength.

My husband is not born again that is a whole other prayer request, but he is a very good man and we are both very worried.

I know that God has already healed me and my son . I thank you and appreciate your prayers.

Received: July 9, 2020


My grandma, Dora Menchaca has been in the hospital in ICU on a ventilator with the coronavirus. If Jesus does not heal her for his reasons, I'm praying that he saves her and that she will spend eternity with him

Received: July 8, 2020

I prayed for this

Prayed for 14 times.


Please pray for our son who left and never returned four weeks ago.

Please pray for the angels to defeat the devil whispering in his ear.

Please help him realize running away isn’t the answer to problems. I Pray his poor choices don’t get him into bigger trouble.

I pray for whoever is letting him stay In their home encourages him to talk to his parents. For them not to believe any lies I know my son could be telling.

God give me peace that You are in control. Not me. Only You know my sons future, please give me peace because my anxiety gets out of control knowing I cannot protect him from his poor decisions. Only God can.

God bless my family. Amen

Received: July 6, 2020

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