Lead an eGroup

By leading a eGroup, you can connect and grow with others—all at a healthy physical distance. In an eGroup, you connect with others via video chat for discussion together.

Signing up is simple, just fill out the online form and a member of our team will reach out to you. 

How to Set Up a Virtual Group

When it comes to virtual meetings, we recommend using Zoom. With Zoom’s free plan, you get 40 minutes of video chatting per meeting—plenty of time for life-changing discussions.

How do I get a Zoom account?

To get started, go to zoom.us and sign up for a free account.

How do I schedule a meeting series?

This one-minute video walks you through setting up a meeting series and creating the Zoom meeting link your members will use to join the video chat.

Do we need a laptop to do a virtual group?

No. Zoom supports any desktop or mobile device with a camera or microphone. Even if your class members don’t have a camera, they can still call in to participate in discussions.

How to Lead a Virtual Group

Once you’ve been contacted by a member of our team, you’re ready to start meeting. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, you’ve got this! Let’s walk through the key things you need to know about leading a virtual group.

What do I need to communicate to my members before the first virtual class meeting?

First things first—make sure you send them an email with your Zoom meeting link (they can’t join the meeting without it!).

How will my group members join the meeting?

It won’t be much of a meeting if you’re the only one there! Watch this short video to help guide your members through the easy steps to join a meeting.

How can I share my screen during a meeting?

Sharing your screen is useful when you want to play recap videos or study guides. Learn how with this video.

What controls does Zoom offer to help me lead a meeting?

From muting class members to recording the audio, Zoom gives you lots of controls so you can manage your meeting for maximum impact. To get access to all your controls as a meeting host, make sure you log in to your account at zoom.us each time you lead a meeting.

Where can I find support for other Zoom questions?

You can find answers to most of your questions at Zoom’s Help Center by clicking here.