Here at Vertical, our vision is for you to know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference. To help you walk that out, we’ve created the Growth Track! Through three simple Steps, you can discover who we are as a church, identify your gifts and purpose, and learn about how you can make a difference here at Vertical and in our community. The Growth Track will take place the first three Sundays of every month at 11am in our Growth Track Room, and Steps One and Two can be taken in-person or online. We are so excited for you to take your next step, and we believe that this is the start of a great journey!

STEP 1: Become a Member

Learn what it means to be a member at Vertical Church.

Available in-person & online.

STEP 2: Discover Your Gifts

Learn about your unique strengths and how they can be used to make a difference.

Available in-person & online.

STEP 3: Join a Team

Connect with some of our leaders and learn about how you can use your gifts on a Dream Team.

Available only in-person.

Start In-Person

Meet us in the Growth Track Room at 11am the first three Sundays of each month.


Start Online

Take Steps 1 & 2 online at your own pace.