Day Two
Pastor Jeff Schlemmer
Hebrews 12:1 “run with patience the particular race that God has set before us.”

I love space exploration! I just find it fascinating. I think it came from when I was a kid, and my mom and dad allowed me to stay up late to watch the first men landing on the moon. Later my love moved into building model rockets of the Apollo Saturn rocket and the lunar module. As I got older, I joined a model rocket club at school. Even to this day, I love documentaries on the space program, and one of my favorite movies of all time is “Apollo 13”. So I guess I’m a bit of a space junkie!

Recently I had a chance to watch the movie “Hidden Figures.” It’s the true story of three African–American women who were computers (Mathematicians) for N.A.S.A (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) during the 1960s. The main character is Katherine Johnson. She is a math genius, and it was her responsibility to calculate the trajectory of John Glenn’s Mercury spacecraft so, upon reentry, it would land precisely where it was planned to in the ocean. 

As I was watching the movie, my mind traveled back to my 11th-grade physics class and my teacher Dr. Pearlman. He was a really cool guy who made learning physics fun! I remember he had this baseball home run problem where we had to calculate the trajectory of the baseball based on the speed of the pitch and the angle of the swing of the bat in order to ensure it would clear the fence and create a home run!

Both Katherine Johnson’s work and my teacher’s home run problem have some things in common. They both have a launch and a landing, and both can be calculated as to how they will turn out and what the end results will be based on their trajectory. 

This same thing is true for us as believers. Each of us has a launch point (the day we received salvation), and each of us will one day land in the throne room of heaven before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And all of us want to hear “well done, good and faithful servant.” 

And the good news is we can! Part of our spiritual health is knowing where we are going. Like the two math problems, we can calculate our trajectory to ensure that our earthly lives will clear the challenges of this life and we will land successfully before God the Father. God has a specific individualized plan for each one of our lives that is for good and not for evil. (Jeremiah 29:11)

We calculate our trajectory by spending personal time with God each day in His Word and prayer. It is here in our quiet time that we discover the plan (trajectory) He has for us. Then we go out into life each day and, in obedience, live pleasing in His sight.

What’s your trajectory? Where are you headed? What do you see God doing in your life? Are you on track for a “God’s best” landing? What calculations (adjustments, changes, additions, subtractions) do you need to make. 

PRAYER: Father God, in Jesus’ name I ask you to reveal your plan for my life. Show me the way in which I should go that I will honor you in everything I think, say, and do. That my life will lead many in the trajectory of righteousness and to hear well done good and faithful servant when I arrive in heaven.  Amen.