Day Three
Pastor Randal Alquist
2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭(AMPC)‬‬ declares, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.” Let God give you His Peace. Let God lead and transform your soul and your mind. Let your mind, will, emotions, and intellect surrender to Christ’s way of doing things. God has given you the power and ability to stay calm in the midst of the storm.

I recently engaged in a new kind of competition, one I would have never felt compelled to participate in, until these past few weeks. Still, I found myself sweating as I turned the corner, not knowing what to expect, and untrue to my character, expecting the absolute worst. Would this be the thing that turned within me, that would force me to run selfishly, unabandoned, with hands tightly wrapped around a hard won price? This precious commodity would be mine to keep, salvation, for myself and those closest to me in this time of uncertainty. I was aware of every muscle and emotion that coursed through my body. My eyes first met my competition at the prize, equally out of reach, then darted quickly to my opponent. Adrenaline then coursed through me like a strike of electricity my legs began moving before I could consciously will them towards the treasure before me. I was like young John, who, while rushing towards the empty tomb, left Peter in the dust to win the race. Would I have the courage to walk in? In desperation and determination I lunged forward, hands thrust outward, both feet off the ground, for the last pack of toilet paper. I pressed it deeply into my chest and breathed in the faint but familiar scent of baby powder and plastic, my eyes then met again with my opponent, the elderly woman who, exhausted, dropped her head in defeat. (Go ahead and laugh)

Of course, this is a fictitious tale but not one that might be hard to imagine as we have allowed the 24-hour stream of updates, doom, and gloom wash over us. It is so important that we choose now who we will allow to inform us during this unprecedented season. If you have more input from the media than you do from the Word of God, your depression, anxiety, and fear are your responsibility. Your discouragement and heaviness of heart are self-inflicted. Instead, turn the news off and open your Bible, shut off the 24-hour newscast and social media stream, and put on some worship music.

When you are in Christ, you have self-discipline, and can enjoy a well-balanced life. Let His Word lead and regulate your emotions. Let fear have no place in your life. Choose to declare His Word in the midst of chaos. Choose to let His Word rule over your mind and soul. Let fear have no dominion in any part of your life. Why? Because we, as His believers, are meant to be the ones who do not walk in fear but get to carry the truth of this incredible Gospel. This is the awesome privilege of His followers. We can use common sense, but common sense cannot become the hiding place for fear. I believe that this virus is real and that it is not something to take lightly in any way. I also want to make sure that everyone knows that this was not created by God, that this isn’t some punishment, or that anyone who has contracted the virus is in some way at fault or in sin. We are exposed to this world, and we get sick at times. But I also know that God is Healer and has already poured out the anti-virus, and it is called the Power of the Holy Spirit!

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, thank You for always being bigger than our fears, failures, or challenges. You are so awesome, and in this time, while so many are walking in fear, thank You for being so close that I can rest in the shadow of Your wings. Let me be useful to you, Lord, trusting that You have me, to be the light of Your love, and a peaceful reminder of your presence and power to those around me.

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