Day Thirteen


“The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak”

Matthew. 6:18

I love starting out on a new challenge, a new goal, the feel of a new journal, the anticipation of aching muscles, or putting together a meal plan for that diet. There is, however, somewhere along the way that I inevitably get frustrated with my progress, too sore, too tired.   If i was asked just how many times I started towards a goal and didn’t cross the finish line, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you. My sudden amnesia wouldn’t be because the number is so low but because it has happened more times than I can remember.  Regrettably, we can all at times be weak, wanting to do the right thing but instead submitting to what we want in the moment or we just plain give up. Week two of the fast is often the hardest, the middle ground – our appetite grows stronger and our resolve grows weaker.

That is why we need to dive into the Holy Spirit. It’s also why we don’t just fast but we pray and fast. Fasting is related to our spiritual appetite, and our hunger for God must outweigh our hunger for food. Evangelist John Piper once said, “The absence of fasting in our lives is the measure of contentment with the absence of Christ in our lives.” Ouch. There is nothing that God wants more than our lives to reflect His Glory. We can only do that fully when we quiet our will and pursue His. We no longer have to be slaves to our desires, but through the Spirit, who is willing, we can be free of the things that draw our attention away from the Father. When the flesh submits to the Spirit there is spiritual power and wisdom released that we would never know if we remain chained to the desires of our flesh. So stay submitted, stay committed and see what new depth of relationship the Father has in store for you.

Father, help us to tame our desires, to stay focused on you. I want to surrender my will to yours, to lay down my distractions and turn my eyes upwards. Lord, it is you who will sustain me for eternity. Take this time to heal me and align me with your Holy path. Open my eyes to what you have in store for me and make me aware of the voice of Holy Spirit who indeed is willing. In Jesus’ name, Amen.