Day One
Pastor Randal Alquist
“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭(KJV)‬‬

It was around Christmas time, and we decided to venture into NYC with our extended family to take in the sights and window shop. There were 15 of us, and the older cousins were helping to keep hold of the little ones as we navigated the constant stream of buried tourists and locals alike. After about 10 minutes of shopping in a large store, my stomach dropped, and my mind raced to find our daughter Krya who at the time was six. Soon all 15 of us were combing through the store in a panic, frantically trying to locate my beautiful curly-headed blond whose curiosity often distracted her attention.

According to Strong’s Concordance, the definition for “Jehovah–Shalom” is “Jehovah is Peace” or “God is Peace.” Let God be your Peace. Choose to embrace the Peace of God. Let His Peace occupy your heart. Let His Peace be the focus of your mind and the affection of your heart. Let His Peace keep your heart and mind. Fear has no place in Christ. 

Fear is real, and when it comes, it can come in slowly or like a tidal wave obliterating all that lies in its wake. Common sense, rational thought, and decorum are swept away, and we find ourselves screaming our child’s name while barreling through the crowded sidewalks of SOHO. I found her out there, in the street, in the arms of a mother who noticed that she was alone; she was safe. I was wrecked and relieved, and at that moment, holding her close, I felt the Peace of God.

When Jesus died, the disciples found themselves in fear and hiding; the mood was heavy with sadness and fear. Jesus famously shows up and joins the pity party by walking through the wall. This choice did not help the fear they were experiencing but only made it worse. Jesus released the Peace of heaven over them through the Holy Spirit. Like the dove released by Noah only to return to the ship finding no place to land, so did the Holy Spirit in this case. They were unable to recognize Jesus because they were drowning in the floodwaters of fear. The moment that they were shown the pierced flesh, they were able to release fear, and Jesus was able to release the Holy Spirit. Fear and Peace cannot coexist. Peace be still.

Trust in God and not in the fears and crazy attacks of this world. Choose to lean on and trust in Christ and not let fear overtake you. Trust in Christ by placing your hope in His Word and remembering His life laid down on your behalf. He will protect you! Remember that Jesus promised never to leave nor forsake us. The Blood of Jesus Christ is stronger than the fears you face. His Blood is more potent than any weapon of the enemy. He sent us the Holy Spirit, our comforter whose very presence is the atmosphere of heavenly Peace!.

PRAYER: Father God, in the Name of Jesus, I choose to trust in You and you only. You are my Peace. Father, You are my very present help in trouble. Lord, I choose to put my hope in You. Fear has no place in my life. Fear has no authority in my heart. In the Name of Jesus, I rebuke fear and every form of it. I chose to spend my days aware of the Holy Spirit and allowing the Peace of heaven to invade my circumstances at all times. Amen.